Agile Improvisation

What do successful Agile teams and theater improvisation groups have in common?

Both rely on trust, transparency, and clear communication. They are also both self-organizing and highly adaptive systems that tolerate ambiguity and thrive in an environment of rapid change.

Using fun and challenging exercises derived from theater improvisation this workshop will provide tools that will help you:

  • listen and respond with greater acuity
  • strengthen your ability to collaborate with others
  • increase your comfort in working with uncertainty
  • expand your expressive and creative range
  • utilize the intelligence of your whole body
  • gain a greater sense of play in your work



Why is improvisation so relevant to Agile practices?

Successful theater improvisers make strong choices without knowing the outcome, respond to circumstances that are constantly changing and collaborate with their partners to create an outcome that is wider than their own vision - all essential Agile qualities! Improvisation isn't about comedy, it's about being fully present and adapting quickly to unexpected events as they arise. It's also a fabulous way to learn!



What can you expect?

This full-day workshop will lead you through two parallel tracks of experiential and conceptual learning, making connections between Agile and improvisation. You will learn on your feet, working in pairs and small groups, engaging and reflecting on the skills and ideas you are practicing.


This workshop is co-presented by David Chilcott from Outformations and Owen Walker from Inside Out Improvisation.

This workshop is not currently scheduled. E‑mail us if you are interested.