Agile Governance

Agile Leadership

The demands on leaders and managers keep increasing and creating overwhelm. Is your organization challenged with the rate at which things change? Are you struggling with maintaining alignment and making timely decisions in the face of complexity and ambiguity? Many of our clients report that these basic dynamics make it challenging to create the environment where innovation and creativity can flourish and create outcomes that will wow clients.

In Agile leadership people take responsibility for things going well for everybody, which means being inclusive of different perspectives and organizational needs. In practice that quickly becomes difficult because of our most basic assumptions about power, decision-making and engagement. That becomes visible, for example, when people need to juggle three competing leadership modes:

  • Plan & Predict - planning activities to create future results based on specific assumptions
  • Inspect and Adapt - optimizing for empirical learning and incremental improvement
  • Sense & Respond - emergent leadership that balances external pressures with internal capacities to adapt and change

To meet these high leadership challenges we focus on two different aspects. On the one hand, we are committing to self-awareness, personal growth and putting attention on the quality of our relationships and the social environment we are co-creating. On the other hand, we foster building skills that are instrumental to creating outcomes and executing on the organizational vision, which are specific to the different levels of leadership.