Agile Conversations

Creating Meaningful Change through Connection

Those of us who have been part of an Agile transformation know that there is more to adopting Agile than the roles and ceremonies. The challenging part is changing hearts and minds within Agile teams and organizations.

Learn how to have deeper, more authentic connections in your workplace.


An Exploration of Agile Leadership:
Being and Doing Agile

To create connection:

  • Approach, connect and serve people where they are now
  • Connect to your embodied knowing
  • Listen between the lines
  • Harness your intuition

By the end of this workshop YOU will:

  • Have a better understanding of how the way you show up and connect impacts your relationships and the organizations you work with
  • Understand how to create impactful change in your relationships and organizations
  • Have practical strategies for starting and sustaining these authentic conversations
  • Have identified the key people you need to connect with


This full-day interactive workshop is presented by David Chilcott from Outformations.

This workshop is not currently scheduled. E‑mail us if you are interested.