Agile Governance

Agile Governance

Is your company facing any of these challenges?

  • Decisions take too long
  • Too much time spent in meetings
  • Politics and egos get in the way of doing the work
  • Unclear priorities or responsibilities

Organizations today cannot afford the wasted time and energy these issues consume. While they may seem common and perhaps even unavoidable, a growing number of companies are running their business in a fundamentally different way that significantly reduces these issues and leads to greater agility.

The approaches these companies are using have some common characteristics:

  • They rely on greater self-management and do not have a traditional management hierarchy
  • Employees have increased autonomy and decision making authority
  • There are new ways to establish accountability and authority
  • There are new ways to align with common goals and purpose

This may seem radical, but these approaches have clearly moved beyond the experimental phase and are being used by successful companies such as Valve, Netflix, GitHub, Morning Star, Zappos, The David Allen Company, and W. L. Gore.

As companies search for the next level of organizational agility we believe they will need to switch to a new structure and “operating system” for the entire company. But which structure to use? While there are some similarities in how the previously mentioned companies operate, there are also very significant differences and understanding these differences can be rather confusing.

For the last two years Outformations has been using Holacracy® and we think it is one of the clearest and most promising of these new approaches. We invite you to attend a Holacracy Taster Workshop to have a first-hand experience of how it works. You can also explore these resources to learn about other companies that are using Holacracy.

Contact us if you'd like to have a conversation about Agile Governance or Holacracy.